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Experiences as far back as early childhood, even infancy, are major sources of an
individual's self-esteem development. Positive experiences through loving touch and
sound, and all of the senses, create attitudes toward the self that are favorable in
developing positive feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, and healthy levels of

However, if a person's experiences have been unfavorable, and there has been
neglect, harshness, even abuse at any level, that person is more likely to develop a
sense of worthlessness, self-neglect, and poor or low self-esteem.

This person can't help but experience some level of dysfunction. This could appear
as a mild distrust of others to distrusting others to the point of loneliness and an
inability to be emotionally, even physically, intimate. It interferes with a person's ability
to give and receive love. What seems like love is need. For many, it is a disparate
need to be loved.

Through the act of giving they are hoping to receive that love. That doesn't apply only
to their partners. You can see this in most areas of their lives. Many young women
have babies because they so disparately need to be loved. When a person gives in
order to receive, and the return is not as great as expected, they become resentful.

What this person really needs is to undo the damage that has been done. A need to
make choices out of genuine self-confidence and self-esteem. A need to see the
future as exciting rather than drudgery. A need to love ones self.

This website was created to help women become the best that they can be. To do
this requires Building Self-Esteem. Lee's work is about helping girls and women at
any level work through the issues that keep them stuck. It's about helping each girl or
woman love the person they have become.