This workbook addresses all of the Self-Esteem issues, including how to
work through what keeps us from having healthy levels of self-esteem. It
can be used over and over. (All of you Mother's out there. This workbook
will help you to learn what is best to pass onto your own children so they
never have to suffer with low self-esteem).

Lightweight and sturdy, this workbook makes for a highly portable
companion to take with you to peer groups, workshops, classes, and
conferences. Just add pages to the back and take notes wherever you may
be. If you don't have a 3-hole punch, most office supply stores with
printing capabilities have one sitting out for use by customers.

Extremely Durable
With a hard-cover, this workbook is durable for daily use and looks great
on any book shelf. It's easy to add pages as you move forward in you
learning and self-discovery long after you finish exercises. However, if
you're like so many, including myself, you will want to go back and read
and reread chapters when you feel your self-esteem slipping or you just
want to brush up on old information and add new information.

Professionally designed and printed, this workbook is a practical solution
for recording your personal development as you go forward in your quest
for self-confidence and higher levels of self-esteem.

At only $24.95 you will receive a professionally developed and well
organized workbook. And can be used in the
Self-Esteem Classes.
Do you think you can change ingrained patterns
of behavior that you have had for as long as
you can remember?

If not, you’re not alone!

Most people think thoughts and behaviors are hard
to change. They are correct.

Behavior modification requires courage, strength,
and most of all, dedication.

The You and Your Self-Esteem Workbook will
help you understand the why and how to your
thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Changing your
behavior requires an understanding of what triggers
certain beliefs that triggers certain behavior that
leads either to negative or positive consequences.
Without this understanding, it will be hard to change
what is causing your low self-esteem.
For example, if you seem to choose the same type of man over and over, a
type of man you know at a gut level is completely wrong for you, but you
get into a relationship with him anyhow only to have it end like all the
others, arguing, accusing, sometimes even escalating to physical
altercations, there is a valid reason for this. This is what you can and will
discover by reading each chapter and taking your time as you go through
the exercises. The more time you take, the deeper you will go into yourself.

Building Self-Esteem is a form of cognitive behavior therapy which focuses
on the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (action).
From the first chapter to the last, you will discover more about yourself
than you ever thought possible as you begin to see and feel the connection
between each and how to recognize what behaviors initiate healthy
self-esteem and not so healthy.
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This is the workbook that will change your life.
Anger Issues
Conflict Resolution
Cancer Issues
Domestic Violence
Emotions Management
Empty Nest Syndrome
Family of Origin Issues
LGBTQ Issues
Lingering Guilt
Mental/Emotional Abuse
Physical Abuse
Post-Traumatic Stress
Rape, Sexual Abuse
Relationship Issues
Sexual Identity Issues
Spiritual/Religious Abuse
Unresolved Grief
Weight Management
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