You and Your Self Esteem Classes
There are two parts to the Self-Esteem Class and you must
complete Part I before you can take Part II. After all Ladies, how
can you build self-esteem if you don't know what's keeping you
from having the level of self-esteem you so desire right now? If
you do know what it is, learn how to overcome that obstacle. See
you in class!
Work and Career issues:
• Business Start Up
• Stress Management
• Effective Communication
• Boundaries in the Workplace
• Resolving Conflict
• Money/Finance Issues
• Isolation vs Networking
• Building Self-Esteem
• Building A Positive Identity  
• Setting Boundaries
• Emotions Management
• Public Speaking Made Easy
• Building Love Relationships
• Weight Management
• Finding your purpose
• ABC Skills for Life
• Anger Management
Class Type with Definition
Women's Support Groups
• Weight Management
• Women and Codependency
• Sexual Abuse / Incest
• Domestic Violence
• Orphan Recovery
• Cancer Support
• Dynamics of Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Incest
• Co-dependency
• Learned Helplessness
• Addictionology, and many others
Below is the work Lee has done over the years and will continue to do
This 8 weeks is packed full of everything you need to recognize your own
self-worth, and move forward in your life. Please keep in mind that Part 1 -
Barriers to Self-Esteem is a prerequisite to Part 2 - Building Self-Esteem
because I believe strongly that you
must learn what is keeping you from
having the level of self-esteem that you desire if you don't know what's
keeping you from it.

Finding Your Purpose - Just how are you suppose to know what your
purpose is in life? Are you doing the right thing? Should you be doing more?
In this class you will learn the seven areas that will lead you to what your
purpose is, and how to accomplish fulfilling it. Finding your purpose is one of
the most fulfilling actions you will ever take in your life. Discover why.

Setting and Enforcing Boundaries -Boundaries can be tricky. With whom
and how do you set boundaries? How do you make people do what you want?
What if they won't? When should you start setting boundaries with children?
How can you get those whom you love to respect your boundaries. Lean what
are appropriate boundaries, how and with whom you set them, how and when
to enforce them, when to lay off, and most of all, how to be respected by
those you love even though you are setting boundaries.

Other classes Lee presents are:
Love and Relationships
ABC Skills for Life
Effective Communication
Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Incest
Self Empowerment
Public Speaking
Part 1 -  Barriers to Self-Esteem.  In this 8-week class
you will learn what is keeping you stuck and from getting
what you want, whether it's respect, the "right" partner, or
opportunities. You can not know where to go if you don't
know where you are coming from first. This is one of the
most powerful classes you will ever take, whether you are
17 or 70. There's lots to learn.

Part 2 -  Building Self-Esteem - Now it's time to rebuild
yourself by building your self-esteem. This comes in the
form of learning self-confidence, self-image, and
self-empowerment, just to mention a few of the classes.