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Lee Davis
Counseling vs Coaching

To determine whether you need or want a counselor or a
coach, you need to know the difference between the two.
Very simply put, a counselor helps you with your past and
present personal issues, whereby a coach is about
helping you reach your business/professional goals.

However,that said, when looking at the person's
business/professional goals, their inability to get over
hurdles and unresolved issues in order to become
successful, often, he/she must look into their past.

For instance, if a person has problems calling a
prospective client and making an appointment to see this
person, he/she may have a fear of rejection, which most
likely is rooted in his/her past.

Another example is the person who is a very good
employee in every respect, except as a manager,
because he/she has an inability to set rules and follow
through with consequences, since he/she has a strong
need to be liked. The fear of not being liked usually stems
from low self-esteem.

One more example is the person who operates from home
doing their own business, but can't seem to get motived.
Whether its their own business or they are working for
someone, she/he isolates her/his self, finds everything to
do but their work, and feels tired at the thought of
reaching goals.

This person may be experiencing some depression, fear
of failure, even possibly feelings of unworthiness.
Whatever it is, looking at the past may help you with your

Not all struggles or inabilities are due to something from
the past. It may be the need for accountability, needing a
sense of direction or to get help with uncluttering. (No,
that is not a word.) For this reason, it's important to have
a counselor/coach who has experience helping with both
business/professional issues as well as personal issues.

If you are a person dealing with any of the issues listed on
the top right of each page, someone with experience not
only as a professional counselor, but as a person who
has been through many of those things herself, can be
very powerful in helping you discover what's at the core of
your issues and lhow to resolve them, so that you can
become the best that you can be and get the most out of
your life..

Lee Davis has owned several successful businesses and
has been counseling individuals on how to live their lives
to the fullest since 1986. She owned a children's
haircutting center and employed six hairstylists, a
computer school, dating service, photo studio, ladies
clothing boutique, and The Center for Human
Development from 1986-1996, at which time she moved
to California rather than sign a 10-year lease.

While living in Santa Monica, she continued to lecture and
teach a variety of classes, provided marketing services to
Santa Monica businesses, and, after building a website
for herself, she liked the creativity of building a website so
much, she advertised and created a client base of new
website users.

She has literally helped hundreds of people in various
stages of their lives, and most likely, she can help you too.

For more information about Lee, click here.
Lee Davis
Counselor/Coach, Author, Lecturer
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