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Women's Issues:
Lee Davis
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Below are the topics I've covered in classes, workshops, and lectures.
ABC Coping Skills
Online Classes

I believe that we never get enough learning, and the deeper
our issues the more we need to learn. As you will see below,
there are several class series.

These  classes are very powerful. Over the years, women in
these classes have been learning about their dysfunctions
and how to resolve or work through each issue. Through this
learning process so much baggage is left behind.

Although these classes can be intense at times, there are
times of lightening up and laughter.
Self Esteem Classes

I think a person's self-esteem is at the core of each person's being. Since our self-esteem
affects every thing we think, say, and do then it is imperative that we have an understanding
of our own self-esteem. When we have unresolved issues,  we have poor self-esteem. It's
not the cause for the issues, but the outcome for having unresolved issues.

If a person has poor self-esteem, or even moderately low, the affects of their self-esteem will
continue to get in the way until those issues are resolved. And the tough part of this is that
no one, and it doesn't matter how intelligent the person is or how much money they have,
can do this work for you but you. It's just as important to put out of your head the notion that
you don't have anything a new dress or a new pair of shoes, a trip, or set of new friends
couldn't fix. Wrong.

A person's self-esteem has a way of letting a person know exactly where they are in life.
What I mean by this is that all you have to do is look at your friends and other relationships.
They always reflect back to you who you are at any given time in your life.

People with low self-esteem come from all walks of life.  Just because a person didn't come
out of an overtly abusive or dysfunctional home, they couldn't have self-esteem issues.
Actually, this person is probably in more trouble that the person who came out of an very
abusive home. Why/ Because the person coming out of that abusive home knows exactly
what or who is responsible for having low-self esteem.

The person coming out of a home where it appears everything is and always has been okay,
maybe even perfect, but clearly this person is unable to reach their goals or find total joy in
your life or make responsible decisions, is going to have a more difficult time pinpointing
where it all began.

I have a scale that I use in my self esteem classes. If you will clear your mind for a minute
and then look at it, you will look directly at your place on the scale. Unless you are in denial.
In that case, even though you know you don't have the level of self-esteem you want, your
eyes are drawn to the right side of the scale.

You can't be in two places at once, meaning, you can't be on both sides of the scale at the
same time.
There are two parts to the Self-Esteem Class, and you must complete Part I before you can
take Part II. After all, folks, how can you build your self-esteem before you know what's
keeping you from having the level of self-esteem you so desire? Once you do learn what the
cause is, then and only then can you begin to build your self-esteem one step at a time .

Part 1 -  Barriers to Self Esteem - In this 8-week class you will learn what is keeping you
stuck and from getting what you want, whether it's respect, the "right" partner, or
opportunities. You can not know where to go if you don't know where you are coming from
first. This is one of the most powerful classes you will ever take, whether you are 17 or 70.
There's lots to learn.

Part 2 -  Building Self Esteem - Now it's time to rebuild yourself by building your self
esteem. This comes in the form of learning self-confidence, self-image, and
self-empowerment, just to mention a few of the classes. Although I suggest you take this
class a second and third time, when you complete the class the first time, you will be on your
way to reaching those goals, building good relationships, and becoming the person you
always wanted to become.
Notice, that if you are on the left side of the scale and you don't resolve your issues, you will
be headed toward your own self-destruction. How many times have we've heard about this
happening to other people. Prison is full of them. Until now, however, there hasn't been
many resources for getting to the core of those issues.

The good news is, there is a way to turn this around. How do I know this? Simply: been
there, done that. Readers, I was born on the left side of the scale to a mother who was at
negative 10.  If fact, I should not be here teaching you what I am, hopefully, teaching you
today. My sister committed suicide in her mid 30's, and my brother spent nearly his entire
adult life in prison. (Read
Lee Davis to get the whole story.) That's what happens to people
who are born that far down on the scale.  

I'm not sure how I was blessed with learning the solution to low or poor self-esteem. Using
what got me turned around and stepping across the center line, I created an entire program
for others to learn how to do the same, See below.
Get your Self-Esteem Workbook!
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Use this workbook in the Lee
Davis Self-Esteem Classes or on
your own. Easy to understand.
Worksheets included.
Creating A Positive Identity
Finding Your Purpose - Just how are you suppose to know what your purpose is in
life? Are you doing the right thing? Should you be doing more? In this class you will
learn the seven areas that will lead you to what your purpose is, and how to
accomplish fulfilling it. Finding your purpose is one of the most fulfilling actions you will
ever take in your life. Discover why.
Love and Relationships
Counselor/Coach, Author, Lecturer
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