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Women's Issues:
Lee Davis
Conselor/Coach, Author, Lecturer
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Lee Davis has been teaching about Self-Esteem
issues for more than 30 years. Using her own
journey, a child abandoned by her parents, a
dysfunctional foster care system, and abusive
foster parents, Lee had to learn to go from being
born to a mother, who was an alcoholic, heroine
addict, prostitute who spent times in mental
hospitals, and what she considered was no
self-esteem, to feeling confident about the belief
and value system she developed along the way,
and in her ability to teach what she has learned.

This workbook covers Six Steps to The Barriers
to Self-Esteem and Six Steps to Building
Self-Esteem. Lee believes that there is no way
for anyone to build their self-esteem if they don't
know what is causing their low self-esteem. Like
a car with engine problems, you cannot drive
that car until you find out what's wrong with the
engine and fix it (or have it fixed.) Unlike a car,
you are the only one who can "fix" your engine
or the self-esteem that spurs you forward in all
of life's endeavors.

There are literally hundreds of books on
self-esteem that will tell you all sorts of things to
do from telling yourself positive affirmations
everyday to telling yourself that you're a good
person and all you have to do is think positive.
Then there are the 3-day workshops that can't
possibly get to the core issues, much less work
through them in that amount of time, and usually
there is no follow-up processing, which is
necessary with any type of emotional purging.
After several days, a week, maybe two, each
person begins to fall back to their old way of
thinking and beliefs that led to low self-esteem
in the first place. Only this time, they feel worse,
more like a failure than ever, because they
couldn't keep up the excessive joy and
happiness they felt when they left the 3-day
workshop weekend. They berate them selves
and are confused as to why they are not able
to sustain the good feelings they tapped into
during the workshop.

Please understand that dumping old feelings
and emotions is very helpful, but it's only one
piece of the puzzle in building self-esteem.
Affirmations can be powerful, too, but only
when you believe them. If you know and feel in
that something is not quite right on the inside,
no amount of convincing will change that. You
MUST first discover your core issues, and then
work through them. There is NO other way, NO
short cuts, NO fast remedies.

This workbook and DVD takes you step by step
through discovering the why and how to
building your self-esteem. It gives you
continued guidance, even after you finish this
workbook. Long lasting effects and life
changing thoughts and behaviors are possible.
You can also use this workbook along with the
Lee Davis Podcasts and Online Classes. If you
have self-esteem issues, this workbook is  
definitely what you need, not just today, but on
those days you feel yourself slipping backwards.
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