Lee Davis
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Self-esteem is one of the most important attributes you can
have as an individual person. To reach the level of self-
esteem you want to achieve often takes the help of another
person, someone who can help you with the issues that
may be keeping you stuck in low self- esteem, so that you
can become the best person you can be. Lee Davis, The
Self-Esteem Expert, has over 30-years experience helping
women to achieve their personal and/or business/
professional goals. Let’s see how she can help you!

What is self-esteem? How do we know if we have low self
esteem? How do we know whether we need to work on our
self-esteem? If I don't have self-esteem how do I get it?

One woman say: "I don't work. I stay home. I take care of
my kids and husband. So why do I need to lean about self-
esteem?"  Another one asks, "I go to college every day,
and work every day. Why would I want to spend more time
each week learning one more thing?"

To begin with, self-esteem is not to hate, despise,
disregard, or disrespect. It is not to dishonor, criticize,
Women's Issues:
Self-Esteem Issues
Stress and Anxiety
Depression vs Sadness
Weight Management
Empty Nest Syndrome
Anger Management
Emotions Management
Loneliness vs Aloneness
Mental/Emotional Abuse
Physical Abuse
Rape, Sexual Abuse
Sexual Identity Issues
Post-Traumatic Stress
Conflict Resolution
Unresolved Grief
Family of Origin Issues
Relationship Issues
Domestic Violence
Counselor/Coach, Author, Lecturer